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5 Canarian Hotels of Great Architectural Expression

The most innovative and demanding Canarian hotels have tested out the characteristics that Glassydur offers as high-performance precast concrete, thus demonstrating that there are no limits to its use for construction.

The success of the works presented underneath does not lie solely in the materials that far exceeded meeting any practical or aesthetic need in architectural design.

To tell the truth, its greatest achievement is having had a material with magnificent technical qualities that allowed a perfect reproduction of natural textures without the need for maintenance and in a greatly improved work execution time.



Sunsets facing the sea, with luxurious facilities, Gran Meliá Palacio de Isora is an incredible resort located in Tenerife.

Its solemn design combines classic elements with modern finishes, positioning it as one of the jewels in Meliá’s crown and one of the most modern hotels in Europe in 2008.

Its huge 11-meter-diameter dome is located at the entrance of this grand palace, of about 10,000 m², -visible from anywhere in the building

Arches and pillars run through beamed entrances that culminate the spaces providing them with decorative elements displaying impeccable and quality finishes that make this hotel the perfect place for an experience of the gods.

All the exclusivity of its spaces and the designs conceived for this project and reflected in the plan required to be meticulously integrated with the natural beauty surrounding this resort.

The impressive capacities of concrete managed to transform each element into an enveloping design, capable of protecting its interior.

Both its dome and the rest of the architectural elements were made with Glassydur, since it is a versatile, resistant and malleable material, thus achieving a great variety of decorative and structural patterns.




The five-star hotel THe Volcán Lanzarote is located in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote, next to Marina Rubicón leisure port and overlooking the sea.

Its architecture and design is inspired by a typical town in Lanzarote and even contains faithful replicas of emblematic corners such as the Church Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe in Teguise or La Geria in its solarium.

To give total volcanic realism to its elements, including a volcano-like dome that culminates the main building, natural stone was used to integrate the entire complex with the surroundings of this magnificent island.



The Royal Palm Resort & Spa is a hotel only for adults located on Jandía beach, Fuerteventura.

Its incredible views of the Atlantic as well as its majestic spaces and services required an elegant and traditional design with a material that offering textures that adapted to the island environment.

To manufacture all the domes and arches present in the interior and exterior of the building, it was necessary to think of a material that would allow a clean and modern finish which would promote spaciousness in the areas.

Glassydur’s ribbed panel made it possible to evaluate an alternative to stone facades by adding high mechanical strength, thermal properties and durability to these architectural patterns.



This hotel has managed to position itself as one of the most original, impressive and spectacular hotel complexes on Gran Canaria island.

The five-star Lopesan Baobab hotel, located in Meloneras, Gran Canaria, is a hotel that evokes African countries

The hotel has a colossal entrance that welcomes guests and a façade that imitates African elements. The color of its buildings, earthy and fascinating at the same time, is reminiscent of the slopes of Kilimanjaro and lush and wild vegetation envelops this tropical setting.

To bring this ambitious and creative project to life, it was necessary to have a material with the same beauty as natural stone that would allow to achieve earthy and powerful structures with real colors, shapes, textures.

Glassydur’s Caravista slab met the aesthetic and technical demands sought, offering a variety of finishes with low long-term maintenance and multiple types of refinements.



The five-star hotel GF Victoria is located in the south of the island of Tenerife and has been granted the “Re Think Hotel 2018” award, one of the ten best hotel sustainability and rehabilitation projects in Spain.

It is a family hotel that, undoubtedly, tested out Glassydur’s capabilities and qualities, due to its demands for the great luxury and comfort expected of this category.

The design of its façade and that of its majestic entrance were built with plates and panels manufactured at Glassydur’s. The sandwich panel is present both inside and outside the building. For the cladding of the balconies, rooms and pool area, this panel was used in combination with the high plate.

The attic was projected as a key point for the hotel that could not go unnoticed, but which, in turn, had to be consistent with the rest of the structure.

The projection of the Glassydur pergola managed to unify the structure itself with a perfect imitation of weathering steel or oxidized steel, while offering high resistance and great versatility in its culminating oblique and perforated shapes.

Finally, in order to be in tune with its surroundings and the environment, green roofs were made with Glassydur Rocalla, thereby trying to generate savings of 20% in heating installations and 70% in air conditioning premises.

Glassydur is chosen to provide solutions to the most demanding projects. The combination of the properties of fiberglass with high tensile and flexural strength, together with a binder material such as concrete, make up the grounds of the manufactured element, which is also fully compatible with the environment.

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