Predur is a product that allows the manufacture of precast decorative elements and artificial stone finishes.

Prefabricated products of different shades.

The composition of Predur, exposed concrete and white, with a classic artificial stone finish, the original finish with a carved texture and the best selection of components and raw materials, allows us to have a wide range of prefabricated products in different shades.



It contributes to sustainable development



Allows for quick and easy execution



Waterproof, anticorrosive, thermal-insulating and acoustic insulating.



It represents a considerable saving compared to other materials.

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Types of coatings

Balustrades designs of special pieces for construction, decorative pillars, capitals, bases, urban and garden furniture, etc., are some of Predur’s prefabricated products.



Reproduction of artificial stone

Decorative elements

Finishes with natural textures



1. Measurement

Measure the surface to be coated and calculate the number of plates necessary to cover the area.  Depending on the model, the measurements vary.

Tools: Meter and/or tape measure and Calculator

2. Preparation

Prepare all the boards to be placed, ordered by the numerical reference on the back of the plate. This number indicates the design of the board, each Glassydur plate has several models to avoid the feeling of equality in its shape and texture, we must never place two plates together with the same number, in this way we will cause a more perfect finish in the final placement.

Start at one side of the area, cutting off one of the plate assembly ends to achieve a square, square cut surface. For a better and faster finish, we recommend using a radial machin, with a diamond disc or a jigsaw with a special tungsten blade. We place the plate on the surface and make several holes on the surface of the plate and on the wall, preferably in the joints with a drill bit for concrete surfaces.

Tools: Radial or Saw and Drill

3. Fixation

Fix the plates to the wall with screw and plug (consult the manufacturer’s technical specifications and support). Later we will proceed to seal with color Glassydur paste, the face of the screw to avoid the vision of it.

If you do not want to use a screw with a plug, there is the possibility of using cementitious adhesive, with this option it will simply be necessary to apply several points of adhesive as a fastening between the wall and the Glassydur to be installed. It is suggested to use a high-end adhesive cement and depending on the surface to be placed the manufacturers have a very wide range of high grip adhesives.

Tools: Screwdriver, Screws, Plugs, Glassydur Paste, Adhesive.

4. Placement

Fix the plates to the wall with screw and plug (consult the manufacturer’s technical specifications and support). Later we will proceed to seal the face of the screw with color Predur paste to avoid the vision of it.

Fix the first row of plates and then continue with the rest of the rows. As a tip, the Glassydur plates have to be placed starting horizontally i.e. first row and continue with the next one. Always starting with the corner pieces and then the flat ones, trying to fit them as well as possible.

Tools: Screwdriver, Screws, Plugs, Glassydur Paste, Adhesive.

5. Sealing and / or Grouting

Proceed to seal the joints between plates that need it, with grout in special color from Predur. When the grout mortar in the joints becomes solid —the solidification time depends on the surface of the wall, the temperature and humidity— with a wooden or metal stringer the excess mortar is removed, the mortar is tightened and the edges around the stone are sealed. Remove the unnecessary grout residues.

Tools: Glassydur Mortar “Llaguero” (wood or metal)