Grupo Antonio Afonso, S.L.


Grupo Antonio Afonso, S.L. is an European company established in 1984 and dedicated to the precast sector. We make decorative elements for construction as well as import and export of natural stone from different parts of the world.

Our extensive range of works carried out for more than 30 years are our best guarantee. In each of them we have left our Seal of Quality as well as the careful service, always taking into account the criteria and ideas of our clients.

With the consolidation of our products in the market, mainly due to their quality and the interest in combining tradition with technological innovation, we currently have more than 3,500 square meters for the manufacture, storage, exhibition and sale of products.

Grupo Antonio Afonso


The wide range of products not only covers traditional precast but has also advanced in its offer by developing high-performance products such as G.R.C. and our flagship product, GlassyDur, with characteristics that different laboratories certify and accredit the magnificent technical qualities.

Continuing with the desire for innovation and committed to sustainable development, we have incorporated innovative products at a constructive and decorative level such as Foamdur, Pointed and Design Coatings and Pavidur paving.

Exclusive brands, backed by the long experience that Antonio Afonso, S.L. has acquired in the sector and contribute to a quick and clean work.