The wide range of products does not only cover traditional precast. Also the development of high-performance materials such as G.R.C and the flagship product Glassydur, a micro-concrete reinforced with Fiberglass, which includes certified and accredited characteristics by different laboratories such as: a material with magnificent technical qualities.

Its composition makes it a material with high resistance to bending and traction with atmospheric agents and a great solidity against impact and wear.

It comes in different sizes, shapes and textures, with the possibility of being assembled together, with different coatings, solving any practical or aesthetical need. It can be used as flooring, facing, structure cladding and decorative elements on facade and interiors.

GlassyDur takes into consideration innovative products at a constructive and decorative level such as Foamdur and Pavidur that allow a quick and clean work committed to sustainable development.



Contributes to sustainable development.



To the flexion, traction, impacts and erosion.



Waterproof, anticorrosive, thermal-insulating and acoustic insulating.



It represents a considerable saving compared to other materials.

Our success stories

At GlassyDur we are backed by the work carried out for more than 30 years. In each of them we have left our Seal of Quality as well as the careful service, always taking into account the criteria and ideas of our clients.

The wide range of products does not only cover traditional precast but has also advanced in its offer by developing high-performance products such as G.R.C., and our flagship product, GlassyDur, with magnificent technical qualities that are certified and accredited by different laboratories.

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