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Precast Concrete In Its Purest Rustic Style

The rustic style has been one of the most demanded for many years both in large buildings and also in hotels or private homes.

This decoration has very specific characteristics that differentiate it from other decorative styles. Likewise, one of the objectives is to achieve a relaxed, comfortable and traditional environment in tune with the environment.

To adopt a rustic style in a room or in a building, one must search for links between the colors and the chosen materials. The natural textures and colors of our environment will serve as a reference in this regard.

What are the appropriate textures to achieve a perfect rustic style?

One of the characteristics of the rustic style is the open areas. In this regard, the use of suitable materials and textures will help to divide zones and areas for a different purpose.

Wood is one of the leading materials in the rustic style. It intervenes as a decorative material in structures such as beams, railings, stairs, doors, and the like. Materials with textures such as clay or marble are also very present.

The textures of stones or natural stone are among the most used for wall decoration. At the same time, they provide an elegant and very welcoming effect to the rooms, giving prominence to certain areas, such as a living room, or decorative elements, such as a fireplace.

What colors should I use in a rustic style?

The rustic style needs inspiring shades and hues that remind of nature. For this reason, it is advisable to use neutral colors, blue, brown, green or warm tones.

White or raw tones are usually used for the walls, although stronger tones can also be applied to natural stone textures to achieve greater contrast.

Is it possible to achieve a rustic style with precast concrete?

Achieving a rustic style with precast concrete is a solution which offers high performance.

An increasing number of professionals in the construction sector and individuals choose this alternative to carry out their projects.

As material, GRC (Glassfibre and reinforced concrete) is a very attractive product that allows the field of modern architecture to provide a wide variety of shapes, measurements, designs, colors and finishes.

The rustic style can be seen both in large buildings and in prefabricated concrete houses, achieving more than remarkable aesthetic beauty.

The alternative of building with precast concrete is unlimited, even in the field of decoration and design.

Precast concrete in its purest rustic style

As we have already commented, the construction of precast concrete allows a more responsible use of the material.

The combination of concrete with precast concrete has given birth to more sustainable construction solutions, highly resistant, waterproof, anticorrosive, thermal-insulating and acoustic insulators.

Below you will see that Glassydur is a high-performance prefabricated solution that will help you achieve the rustic style you are looking for:

Wooden beams and pergolas:

The wooden beamed ceilings give a warm and welcoming tone to any room.

They are one of the most used for rustic interiors, because the beams are made from a darker wood combined with any type of other material.

  • Glassydur precast concrete wood slabs are an alternative to traditional wooden beams, roofs and pergolas but without the need for the same maintenance, giving new possibilities in the decoration of gardens, walkways, pergolas, and things of that nature.


Natural stone wall:

In a rustic style, the presence of natural stone allows the space to be balanced without breaking the effect of relaxation and tranquility that is being transmitted.

To achieve spaces or façades in the purest rustic style, we offer precast concrete slabs that reproduce natural stone in both texture and color:

  • The Altos de Glassydur slab is a precast concrete that resembles natural rough stone, its main advantages being the format, thickness and easy placement with a compact stone that does not suffer from erosion.
  • Glassydur’s Victoria plate shows the natural beauty of stone carved from irregular masonry wedged with gravel.
  • Glassydur’s flagstone has the same beauty as natural stone, being a precast product capable of enhancing the elegance of traditional masonry stone


Finishes and decorative features for a rustic style

The finishes and decorative features used will help you give a rustic touch to both the interior and exterior of the structure.

The most important thing is to choose a suitable material that does not require so much maintenance, but that is in tune with the style we are looking for.

  • Glassydur cornices are completely tailor-made concrete decorative features. It is perfect to achieve a high quality decorative effect, that is, a detail without defects in the finishes. Its textures range from natural stone to fairing or wood texture.
  • Glassydur’s precast concrete banister blends with the rustic architectural style of a house or building both indoors and outdoors. It can range from plain to one-sided to highly ornamental figures.
  • Glassydur handrails provide strength and safety, which are in turn key characteristics of this element. The material of the handrail is directly linked to the design. In this case, precast concrete lends itself perfectly well to any type of color and texture to achieve that rustic style we are looking for.


An increasing number of professionals are choosing precast concrete or high-performance micro-concrete to complete their projects, ranging from structures to finishes or decorative elements.


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