graphic concrete

Graphic Concrete: Structures that Communicate

Traditionally, concrete has been the material used in construction mainly due to its strength and formability.

In this article, we would like to comment you on its versatility. Among the new applications and uses of concrete, we find one that is breaking through with force due to its uniqueness: graphic concrete.

The demands and continuous innovations of the current market forced it to reinvent itself without losing its differential features.

As a consequence, technological advances led to the development of precast concrete in different shapes, textures and colors.

Precast concrete until now has been the central figure of modern and current architecture. Its demanded characteristics have positioned it as a material with high potential that meets the needs of any project.

Additionally, its high thermal inertia places it as a material for sustainable construction, which reduces the energy demand of any structure throughout its useful life.

The reduction of greenhouse gases as a consequence of the energy savings that take place during the life of any structure, associated with its thermal inertia, is a fundamental environmental advantage.

But perhaps the infinite options offered by graphic concrete is arousing interest among professionals in the sector.


The concept of graphic concrete developed in Finland in the late 1990s. The objective was to evolve the concept about concrete, which at that time was limited to a reduced gray scale and few textures.

Graphic concrete is a technique that allows engraving on the surface of the material from photographs to textures, creating true architectural works of art.

Consequently, the creative possibilities in buildings with this new type of finish for concrete have crossed the limits.

Thanks to the freedom that this printed art offers us, the qualities that prefabricated facades bring to a project keep growing.


With this new technology, the fact of improving the creative and aesthetic possibilities of precast concrete is allowing to bring light and temperance to new projects, which, increasingly, achieve better communication with walkers and users.

Anything that can be printed on a sheet of paper can be transferred to precast concrete. Graphic concrete provides personality and style to any project. “If you can imagine it graphic concrete can do it.”

In the same way, graphic concrete has favored the development of new trends, including three-dimensional designs that seek to create that effect on flat surfaces. This represents another way, still emerging, to attract the attention of the viewer.

A viewer increasingly attentive to detail and eager to communicate and share everything he sees and what surrounds him. It is at this point that the importance of giving personality to a project resides in fact, through resources such as graphic concrete that emphasize its commitment and communication with the environment.


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