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Concrete construction systems for current and committed projects

The high degree of versatility that concrete presents, thanks to its attractive features, position it as an innovative material in frequently chosen construction systems as well as in modern, current projects committed to the environment. The development of techniques associated with precast concrete has allowed optimal results to be obtained with high-quality exposed finishes.

This has catapulted it as a material that offers the possibility of tackling projects where high mechanical resistance, thermal properties or durability, among many others, prevail.


Taking into account its characteristics and the benefits it brings, this material further expands its possibilities of evolutionary capacity and adaptation as a high-performance material applied to prefabricated construction systems, plates and panels of low thickness and high resistance.

These construction systems bring together a series of more competitive, versatile and environmentally committed features, gathering a unique value in a single material: it has high resistance and durability, it is fire retardant, it has a high capacity for partitioning against fire, it acts as an acoustic insulator, It has a high thermal inertia that reduces energy demand, has low maintenance costs and holds the capacity to contribute to sustainability.


In addition to the qualities of concrete (resistance, durability and great versatility), the ingenious finishes and finishes that this material allows give it value, opening a wide range of
creativity and architectural expression. The possibility of experimenting and applying technology in concrete brought to the fore new trends in architecture and design to be materialized in current and modern projects.

For example, thanks to the technology that can be applied to this material, its unlimited versatility can be seen in relation to prefabricated construction systems, plates and panels with low thickness and high resistance.


The demands in the field of architecture face greater challenges, since projects are not only intended to fulfill aesthetic premises but also be part of a sustainable commitment increasingly demanded.

It is because of this that architects and professionals in the sector have decided to lean towards precast concrete construction systems to carry out more sustainable solutions in their projects aimed at increasing the overall energy efficiency of a construction. Advances in R + D + i (Research + development + innovation) have served to obtain alternative and recyclable materials or improved additives. The use of precast concrete in projects carried out with construction systems has given the possibility of:

Providing greater thermal insulation and therefore reduce the consumption of conventional energy. Having the advantage that being a very durable material has low maintenance needs. Therefore, when we highlight that the alternative of building with precast concrete is unlimited, we are not only referring to its textures and colors in the creative and aesthetic aspect, but we also want to account for the many benefits that it proves to have in the materialization of a current and modern committed to the environment.


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