The Building Information Modeling (BIM) methodology It does not refer to the future but to something that is already happening

Thanks to its versatility, resistance and manageability, Glassydur could be considered an outstanding product within the 4.0 construction.

But in this article we will not address the qualities and power Glassydur displays; on the contrary, we will talk about a methodology that offers the main benefit of how to achieve a work as efficient as possible, avoiding cost overruns and saving time and resources.

Have you ever heard of BIM? Building Information Modeling is not the use of specific design software but rather a comprehensive work methodology. In brief, it is about the automation of processes during the creation and execution of a project in which communication between work teams is the central axis in a methodology that tries to be executed under the concept of “collaborative work”

This methodology turns a work into a digital construction and integrates all the parts, starting with the collaborators, suppliers, design and planning until reaching the execution.

“The application of BIM allows to eliminate the margin of error and human shortcomings, since the plans are not interpreted, but the same digital tool takes care of the integration itself by allowing the project to be visualized in 3D and, in this way, to determine errors that could be considered a problem later. In addition, it evaluates all the geometries and points out where there are collisions ”
– Alejandro Monterroso Director of Danta Arquitectura

A methodology that goes beyond the simple use of 2D and 3D. It is a BIM construction information modeling that shows the process and status of a work in real time.

Although there are already several European countries that are adopting this model in public works, the United States and Canada have been the pioneers in the implementation of BIM in their projects. For this reason and in order to promote its use, the European Union has promulgated the 2014/24/UE standard whose objective is centered in its regulation.


The success and efficiency of a project are represented in a faithful correlation between what is planned and what is executed and, for this, a rigorous prior analysis and constant monitoring of what is projected is needed.

At Glassydur’s, whenever we bring a new project to light, it is essential to know the issues concerning the building first in order to be able to capture the architectural idea and its materials as closely related to the reality and vision of the architect.

Thanks to the outstanding versatility, resistance and manageability of precast concrete, Glassydur has allowed us and allows us to create architectural structures that are rigorously adapted to the demands of each work.

Bearing this in mind and if the information modeling methodology (BIM) was also incorporated into a project, we would have an even more realistic vision of the project even before the work is executed, thus reducing the margin of error. .


Among the benefits over BIM I highlight the fact of achieving better efficiencies in the work they carry out, avoiding setbacks, achieving savings and, above all, guaranteeing better control over the project” – Director of new businesses at Qualicons’s, Vicente Jo.

As it is already known, Glassydur’s prefabricated concrete structures such as plates or panels give rise to a fast and clean work with all the advantages that imply industrializing the construction: faster execution; greater control in all stages of the process and, therefore, reduction of errors.

To all this, we must add the sustainability of a material made under a strict commitment to the environment and the perfectionist nature of the model: each resource is unique.

The benefits of the use of the integral BIM work methodology are supported by data and not only in geometry, so its use in a project would allow us to fully monitor the status of the project in each phase in real time.


In a globalized world, the future of construction is not perceived without the cooperative and coordinated work between architects, designers, builders, and the like.

Considering that the creation of the design begins with the reliable and virtual construction of the project, it is essential to have all the information at your fingertips. From the measurements of the structures or walls to the technical sheet for windows and roofs.

Echoing this, you will find all the information you want about the products products in our own catalog. Thus, any agent involved in the project can consult it and carry out simulations and measurements in a simple way.

Thanks to the fact that we have a team of experts and with extensive experience in the field, we always try to be at the forefront in the new era of construction. The alliance between precast concrete and the BIM method represent the future of this sector.