Royal Hideaway Corales Resort

Best Hotel in Europe 2018

Nombre: Royal Hideaway Corales Resort
Execution time: 10 months


Royal Hideaway Corales Suites 5 * GL, was selected as the Best Hotel in Europe 2018 according to the European Hospitality Awards. Belonging to the Barceló Group, in this exclusive and innovative luxury resort, attention to detail is the priority.

The suites, far from being spaces in which to limit oneself to sleep and rest, become a fundamental part of the trip thanks to their impressive views of the ocean and rooms that materialize any wishes and needs of the guest.


The objective of the Royal Hideaway Corales Resort Hotel was to achieve the architect’s vision: A natural grotto. This idea was driven by the intention of taking advantage of the type of stone that was in the place, to which there was greater access due to the excavation that the work required.

The project needed a material that would reproduce the natural beauty of the stone and allow it to continue with the depth of the grotto, endowing it with waterproof and highly resistant properties that offer security and perpetuity of the structure.

Finding a material that makes possible the reproduction of natural stone and allows you to continue with the depth of the cave is not easy. Most materials make the shift from natural to precast material evident.

The choice of cladding with Glassydur Rocalla made it easier to continue with the same style, shape and texture as that of natural stone and also achieved a homogeneity between the precast material, Glassydur, and natural stone.

The project’s success lies in creating huge walls that simulate natural stone, offering homogeneity to the entire structure.

In addition, the use of Glassydur Rocalla made it possible to provide the experience of being inside a cave with creative projections, providing different environments as an interior show.