Glassydur | Technical Solutions
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Glassydur contributes to sustainable development, using less gravel, helping the environment, as we avoid the extraction from quarries. The technical characteristics of this innovative product allow us to use it for pavements, wall covering, lining in structures and decorative elements on the front and inside of the building, adapting to the highest expectations. It is presented in different sizes and with the possibility to join the pieces with different finishing to resolve any practical and aesthetic needs. With multiple shapes, it has allowed us to rescue the structural and decorative traditional Canary architecture, such as, arch, domes, porticos, treads, pillars, pavements…


    1. It is a high resistant product with flexibility and traction, extremely resistant to impact and erosion and has a 2cm approximated thickness.
    2. It is fireproof, with waterproof properties and resistant to atmosphere agents, anticorrosive, thermal-insulating and sound-insulating.
    3. It is type “M-1” fireproof.
    4. All raw materials are chosen after thorough quality controls
    5. Fast placing and considerable savings!